Brock CHC’s New Home – Frequently Asked Questions

What are community health centres?

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are non-profit organizations funded by the Ministry of Health that offer a range of primary care services in combination with health promotion and community development activities.  CHCs can employ a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, counsellors, community workers and other professionals to offer a wide range of services all under one roof.  They work to improve the health and wellbeing of communities who have traditionally faced barriers accessing health.

What services will be offered in the new building?

The new building will house Brock CHC’s current programs and services:  Primary Health Care, Diabetes Education, Geriatric Assessment, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Nutrition, and Community Development and Health Promotion.  There will be the addition of foot care services.  Dental care services will be provided by the Oral Health Division of the Region of Durham.  As well, there will be dedicated office space for allied health organizations to bring services to the north (i.e., Community Care Durham, Alzheimer’s Society, Pinewood Addiction Services).

Will this be a hub of social services?

Yes.  Brock CHC collaborates with a number of allied health and social services within the community and in Durham Region.  The new facility will provide space that organizations and service providers can use in a health hub style.

Will there be a walk-in clinic and lab services for the whole community?

Although we understand the community desire’s for an urgent care clinic and/or lab, we currently do not have the human resource capacity to operate these for the community.  We continue to advocate for additional funding from the government in order to hire added primary care staff which may allow us to offer urgent care and/or lab services to the community.

Will there be a pharmacy?

There will not be a pharmacy in the new facility, however, there are several pharmacies within Brock Township’s three towns (Cannington, Beaverton and Sunderland).

What about x-rays?

Brock Community Health Centre is not funded to provide digital imaging services. Clients can be referred to x-ray services in Beaverton or outside of Brock Township.

Will you be competing with the current dental office?

No.  Two dental operatories will be built in the new facility and will be operated by the Oral Health Division of the Region of Durham.  They will bring the Healthy Smiles Ontario Program, free dental care to eligible children and youth 17 and under, and the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, dental care to eligible seniors 65 years of age and over.

Why has the new building taken so long?

Brock CHC’s capital project is funded mainly by the Ministry of Health.  The Ministry of Health requires all health service organizations with capital projects in Ontario (e.g., a hospital, a home for the aged, a community health centre, etc.) to follow a comprehensive and detailed planning and implementation protocol.  Each capital project must successfully complete the required steps and receive the necessary MOH approvals as the project moves from the planning stages, to design, to construction, and to occupancy.  We are thrilled to finally be at the construction stage and appreciate the community’s patience and support during this process.

What is the expected completion date?

Summer 2024.

How can I become a patient?  Can anyone use the services?

Our Primary Care program is currently operating at capacity.  At this time, without additional funding, we are unable to accept new clients. If you would like to be added to our wait list, please complete the Request for a Primary Health Care Provider form. Our current wait time is approximately 2 years. Anyone in the community can access our physiotherapy, diabetes education, geriatric assessment, social work, and dietitian services or attend any of the community programming (exercise classes, cooking classes, etc.). 

Is there parking on the site?

Yes.  There are 6 accessible parking spots reserved for clients on site.  In addition, Brock CHC has agreements with Trinity United Church and Cannington Baptist Church to use a portion of their parking lots for Brock CHC parking.  As well, there is municipal parking across the street as well as any available street parking.

Will there be more doctors/nurse practitioners in the new building and/or operating in clients’ homes considering the rapidly expanding population in Brock?

Brock CHC is currently funded for 2.5 physicians and 4 nurse practitioners in our primary care program.  We continue to advocate for additional funds so that we can hire more staff.  The lack of primary health care is a province-wide issue.  We participate in discussions with the Township of Brock and other stakeholders to look at collaborative options for bringing in additional health care providers.

If a Brock resident has a visitor who suddenly has a problem or doesn’t feel well, can they come to the Health Centre to be treated?

Unfortunately, Brock CHC primary care staff can only treat registered clients.  The visitor would have to use a walk-in clinic.   We promote Durham Virtual Urgent Care (905.706.9798) and East Region Virtual Care Clinic (

What will happen to the Beaverton clinic?

Brock CHC will continue to have a primary care presence in the Beaverton clinic for the foreseeable future.

Where can I find more information?

Visit our website at or call 705.432.3322.