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Making Small  Changes a Habit Can Have Long-Term Impacts

Resolutions can take many forms and can be introduced anytime of the year.  Think about the smallest change you want to make (not something you have to do) and then think about how to make it a habit.  The goal is to experience the success of making a small change that can have a lasting impact, and will have the additional benefit of a positive health outcome.

For example, if your goal is to increase your water intake, start with the goal of drinking an additional quarter cup of water each day and then determine what time of day it will be easiest for you to drink it.  It might be while you’re preparing your morning coffee/tea, or it may work best for you at lunch or dinner time; you may decide to replace your usual drink with water.  If you have success with a quarter cup of water, then try increasing to half-cup of water the next week.  When you have successes with these types of small changes, it can give you the confidence to tackle other changes you want to make.



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Brock CHC In Brief

Building a Healthier Community

Brock Community Health Centre (Brock CHC) is a community health service for residents of Brock Township and surrounding areas, an area in Ontario where, by all accounts, there has been an inadequate range of primary health services available for many years.  Community advocacy by a committed group of local residents resulted in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care providing funding for a community health centre for Brock Township residents in late 2007.

Brock CHC is non-profit charitable organization, registered in Ontario, governed by a Board of Directors, representing the communities of Brock Township and surrounding areas.  The Board is elected annually from the organization’s membership.  Brock CHC’s Letters Patent were issued in 2002.

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Brock Community Health Centre

Brock Community Health Centre (Brock CHC) assists individuals, families and community organizations to identify local health issues and to develop and implement programs that address these needs.

We believe that good health means more than not being ill.  It means access to affordable housing and adequate food, opportunities for education and employment with a living wage and residing in an environment that is clean and safe.

We welcome community members to join and participate with us as we strive to improve the health of our community.

Community Health Services Integration

Brock Community Health Centre is one of ten local community health services (CHS) organizations in Durham Region which have developed an integration plan to improve access for local residents and ensure that CHS providers — their staff, volunteers and board members — are ready to better address the community health services needs of a growing population.