Privacy Policy

Privacy of Personal Health Information Statement

Brock CHC is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of clients’ personal health information, to maintaining the confidentiality and security of this information, and to protecting this information in accordance with all applicable laws. Brock CHC takes measures to ensure that personal health information is protected against theft, loss and unauthorized use or disclosure, and to ensure that clients’ personal health information is protected against unauthorized copying, modification or disposal. All Brock CHC employees know it is important to keep personal health information private and confidential.

Clients’ personal health information is needed in order for Brock CHC professionals to provide the best care possible. A Brock CHC health professional will ask a client about his/her health and the health of his/her family and this information will be kept in a client health record. Other sources of a client’s personal health information that may be helpful to Brock CHC professionals is information contained in the records of other health providers.

A client’s personal health information may be discussed with health professionals within Brock CHC and with health professionals external to Brock CHC who are helping with the client’s care. This is intended to obtain important information needed for the client’s care and treatment, and is referred to as the client’s “circle of care”.

Client consent may be written or implied. In most situations, Brock CHC professionals will ask permission from the client to use personal health information (e.g., to collect personal health care information from other health care providers who have been involved in the client’s care). A client has the right to determine how his/her personal information is shared with others and how the information is to be used. During a client’s care and treatment, Brock CHC professionals may need to share your health information with other health professionals or other organizations as permitted by law. Our professionals are authorized to access personal health information based only on their need to deal with the information for the purposes for which it is obtained.

In special circumstances, personal health information may or must be shared with others, with or without the client’s consent (e.g., with other health providers in emergency departments, with public health units, with children’s aid societies).

A client has the right to request access to Brock CHC’s record of his/her care. If the client believes the information contained in the health record is inaccurate, he/she may request a change. Concerns related to information privacy at Brock CHC will be directed to the Health Information Custodian.