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Community Wellness Programs

The following is a list of Community Exercise and Wellness Programs offered by Brock Community Health Centre.  Please check our monthly calendar to confirm dates.

A group of people sit in chairs meditating

Chair Yoga

Mondays and Wednesdays   9:00-10:00am

Virtual on Zoom

This instructor-led class covers all the basics of yoga – gentle movements, deep breathing, stretching and flexibility postures.  Beginners to yoga are especially welcome. Contact Jennifer Josephson to register. 705-432-3322, ext. 105

A group of people sit in chairs stretching

Gentle Fit

Tuesdays   9:30-10:30  

Virtual on Zoom

Thursdays   9:30-10:30am   11am-noon  

In person – Cannington Baptist Church

This instructor-led class is a means of improving and maintaining functional performance through strength, balance and cardiovascular development.  This class will aid in the prevention of future injury, including those that may be the results of falls.  Exercises progress at the pace of the participants at the discretion of the instructor. Contact Jennifer Josephson to register. 705-432-3322, ext. 105

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Guided Meditation

Fridays   10:00-11:00am

Virtual on Zoom

Learn to relax your mind and body to reduce stress, improve your breathing, help the healing process, and find calm and balance in your life.  Complement your path to health and wellness.  No experience is necessary.  All are welcome.  Contact Loretta Fernandes-Heaslip to register. 705-432-3322, ext. 106.

A child stirs a pot in a kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen

Dates and locations vary – check calendar

This hands-on program will teach youth ages 8-14 the important life skill of cooking and the benefits of healthy eating. Participants will learn how to make quick and easy healthy snacks and meals that can be made at home, such as pretzels, quesadillas, smoothies and pancakes from scratch, that can be made at home while having fun.  Contact Travis Dukelow to register. 705-432-3322, ext. 104

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Line Dancing

Mondays and Wednesdays   10:00am-12:00noon  

Virtual on Zoom

This instructor-led line dancing class welcomes new and practicing line dancers to learn some fun line dances or just come for the great exercise and laughter.  Music is not limited to Country, dance to Top 40, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Blues, Funky, Latin, Irish, to Swing and much more.  You don’t need a partner but you can bring a friend(s) and have a lot of fun.  Contact Loretta Fernandes-Heaslip to register 705-432-3322, ext. 106.

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Mindfulness Practice

Thursdays   2:00-3:00pm  

Virtual on Zoom

Mindfulness is the ability to hold your awareness in the present moment.  Research has shown that mindful practices can help reduce stress and anxiety for people living with a variety of body and mind conditions.  Join this instructor-led class to practice present moment awareness through breath work, body scan, gentle movement and seated meditations. Contact Loretta Fernandes-Heaslip to register 705-432-3322, ext. 106.

A group of people walk outdoor with poles

Pole Walking

Thursdays   8:30am   October 6 – 27  

Beaverton Fair Grounds

Thursdays   8:30am   November 10 – December 1  

Sunderland Fair Grounds

Join our outdoor community walking program this fall and take advantage of the many health benefits of walking:  improve your mood, boost your energy, manage your blood sugars, alleviate joint pain, improve your quality and length of sleep, kick start your immune system, maintain a heathy weight, and more!  A limited supply of Activator Poles will be available for use. Contact Loretta Fernandes-Heaslip to register 705-432-3322, ext. 106

A group of people do tai chi

Tai Chi Practice Session

Tuesdays   1:30-2:30pm  

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Beaverton

Join these community-led Tai Chi practice sessions to maintain awareness of the body with gentle movements that harmonize breathing with careful coordination of arm and leg movements.  All are welcome.

A man sits in-front of a Brock CHC sign

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

3rd Friday of every month   2:00pm 

Virtual on Zoom

Did you know that singing reduces stress levels, stimulates immune system, improves lung function, improves mood, increases pain tolerance, and develops a sense of belonging and connection?  Sing along with Alan Ely at his monthly virtual concerts.