Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Optimizing the health and wellbeing of local residents through access to quality primary health care services as well as educating, promoting and providing wellness programs.

Our Vision

An ever stronger, healthier and informed community.

Our Core Values


We advocate for health equity and believe that every individual has equal opportunity to reach their fullest health and wellness potential.  We strive to foster a welcoming, accessible, inclusive and responsive environment, breaking down the barriers that prevent equal access to health care.  We are committed to treating clients and the community with a non-judgemental approach and preservation of their dignity.


We respect clients’ privacy and right to have all information held in confidence. We strive to ensure that client confidentiality is maintained at all times.


When addressing health or social challenges, we strive to respond in a compassionate, caring and holistic manner.


We value partnerships with other service providers and clients, and the collective capacity that we create together as a community. Our approach to care is based on coordinated efforts and a common goal.


We understand that every situation is different and has its own unique complexities to address. We are committed to remaining responsive to the needs of individuals and of our communities.


We celebrate a focus on continual learning and growth and understand the important role that knowledge plays in promoting healthier communities.


We believe that every individual is entitled to be treated with respect at all times.