Aesthetic background


Indoor Walking

Fisher's Your Independent Grocer 30 Beaver Avenue, Beaverton

Walk your way to better physical and mental health in a safe and dry environment.  Every step counts to help you feel better, sleep better and have more energy.

Yoga with Melissa

Manilla Community Hall 16990 Simcoe Street, Manilla

Cultivate body awareness and foster a deep connection with yourself.  Through gentle movements and stretches, participants will engage their muscles mindfully, promoting strength, flexibility and vitality.  Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, these classes will offer a

Line Dancing

Cannington Legion 72 Peace Street, Cannington

This instructor-led line dancing class welcomes new and practicing line dancers to learn some fun line dances or just come for the great exercise and laughter.  Music is not limited to Country -- dance to Top 40, Hip Hop, Ballroom,