Aesthetic background


Event Series Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Virtual via Zoom

This instructor-led class covers all the basics of yoga – gentle movements, deep breathing, stretching and flexibility postures. Beginners to yoga are especially welcome. Contact Jennifer to register.

Event Series Line Dancing

Line Dancing

Virtual via Zoom

This instructor-led line dancing class welcomes new and practicing line dancers to learn some fun line dances or just come for the great exercise and laughter. Music is not limited to Country, dance to Top 40, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Blues,

There’s No Health Without Mental Health

Manilla Community Hall 16990 Simcoe Street, Manilla

Join us for an engaging information session focused on mental health: Mental Health Awareness and Information - Jane Douglas, Social Worker, Brock CHC Services and Supports in Your Community - Jennifer Josephson, Seniors and Community Health Worker, Brock CHC Learn