Successful Brock CHC AGM Held

Close to 40 members of the organization, volunteers, clients, guests and staff attended Brock Community Health Centre’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 held at Beacan Presbyterian Church.

The business portion of the meeting included reports of the Chair of the Board and Executive Director; presentation of financial statements; appointment of auditor; approval of amendments to Brock CHC By-Law #1; election of Board members and expressions of appreciation to departing Board members.  Remarks from Peter Elliott, Board Chair, highlighted the priority of the Brock CHC Capital Project, the addition of NP D. Bucknell, in collaboration with Dr. G. Laudanski at the Beaverton Thorah Health Centre, the growth of partnerships and the change in leadership with the recent retirement of R. Ballantyne, Executive Director.  He welcomed J. McPherson as the new Executive Director.

Ron Ballantyne, Executive Director (retired), remarked on the effective leadership and governance by the Board, the growth of the programs and services in the past year, and the professionalism and dedication of the volunteers and staff.  He thanked everyone for supporting him for many years as Executive Director.

Special guest speaker Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, Durham Region Health Department, provided an informative presentation on “Building Healthy Health Neighbourhoods”.

Light refreshments were provided by Beacan Presbyterian Church Auxillery.