Brock Geriatric Assessment Program

Brock Community Health Centre’s Brock Geriatric Assessment Program (BGAP), formerly known as the Brock Geriatric Assessment Clinic, has resumed providing comprehensive geriatric assessment services for frail elderly residents living in Brock Township and surrounding areas.  The program is located at 720 Simcoe Street in Beaverton (co-located at Holy Family Catholic School).

In welcoming the resumption of the program, Brock CHC’s Executive Director, Ron Ballantyne, stated:  “BGAP provides an essential service to frail elderly seniors (primarily aged 75+ years) living in our rural community in their homes, including retirement homes.  Individuals who present with multiple challenges and medical conditions, such as cognitive impairments, decreased functioning, risk of falls, impaired mobility, incontinence and multiple medications will use the service”.  BGAP’s services are provided by Kathryn Roka, Nurse Practitioner, and Angela Nicholson, Registered Practical Nurse/OTN Coordinator.

BGAP is in discussions with the Seniors Care Network and Regional Geriatric Program regarding partnerships to support our innovative collaborative service model.  NP Kathryn Roka commented: “With a Nurse Practitioner and Registered Practical Nurse on site, and the use of video conferencing technology (Ontario Telemedicine Network) at our Beaverton location, we will be accessing specialized geriatric expertise and other specialists.  This is a terrific advantage for frail seniors who would otherwise not be able to receive this service in their homes and their local community”.  Once geriatric assessments are completed, individualized care plans will be developed with the goal of keeping seniors at home as long and as independently as possible.  BGAP’s staff will work closely with the client’s primary health care provider and relatives.

Referrals are welcome from family physicians, nurse practitioners or other health practitioners and community partners.  Self or family referrals are also welcome. Referrals can be faxed to (705) 426-4215, or by telephone at (705) 432-3322.


Contact:     Ron Ballantyne, Executive Director