Brock CHC Participates in Durham Ontario Health Team

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are a critical component of the Ontario Government’s plan to reorganize health care services and will provide a new way of organizing and delivering health care services in local communities.  Through OHTs, health care providers will work as one connected team making it easier for people to access services and transition between providers, and empower patients and families in their personal health care.  The Durham OHT received the green light from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to submit a full application, which is the next phase of a multi-phase process to become an OHT.  The Durham OHT is comprised of an Oversight Committee of 16 organizations with representation from primary care, acute care, and home care and community providers, along with regional government, and patient, family and caregiver representatives.  The deadline to submit a full application is October 9, 2019, with the MOH expected to announce the first OHTs in late Fall 2019.

For more information, read the Durham OHT Fact Sheet.