Brock CHC In Brief

Building a Healthier Community

Brock Community Health Centre (Brock CHC) is a community health service for residents of Brock Township and surrounding areas, an area in Ontario where, by all accounts, there has been an inadequate range of primary health services available for many years.  Community advocacy by a committed group of local residents resulted in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care providing funding for a community health centre for Brock Township residents in late 2007.

Brock CHC is non-profit organization, registered in Ontario, governed by a Board of Directors, representing the communities of Brock Township and surrounding areas.  The Board is elected annually from the organization’s membership.  Brock CHC’s Letters Patent were issued in 2002.

Within a social determinants of health framework, Brock CHC has implemented a variety of programs starting with the Diabetes Education Program in late 2007 and the Community Development and Health Promotion Program in early 2008.  The Brock Geriatric Assessment Clinic (now known as the Brock Geriatric Assessment Program) began accepting referrals in 2010.  In late 2009, the Primary Health Care Program began operations.

The organization is mandated to provide the following:

The Diabetes Education Program (DEP) consists of a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian who specialize in the care of clients who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or who are at risk of developing diabetes.  The team assists clients to manage their diabetes and support them in learning how to minimize risks and complications associated with the disease.  Services are available in groups and on an individual basis.  The program is located at 20 Cameron Street W. in Cannington.  Services are also provided in medical centres in Sunderland and Beaverton.

The Community Development and Health Promotion Program (CD-HP) consists of two Community Health Workers and a Health Promoter.  The team is focused on working with individuals, families and community groups to implement health promotion strategies and services designed to address the broad social determinants of health.  The goal is to engage and work with the community on issues affecting health and to enable individuals and groups to actively participate in managing health and well-being.   For example, activities range from supporting various community groups serving youth and seniors, to contributing to physical activity planning, to consulting with seniors, to launching a variety of physical activities, to implementing exercise classes and falls prevention classes, and much more.  The CD-HP Program is located at 720 Simcoe Street in Beaverton.

The Brock Geriatric Assessment Program (BGAP), an innovative partnership between Brock CHC and the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, and collaboration with the Seniors Care Network, began operation in early 2010.  It provides comprehensive geriatric assessment and primary health care services for residents of Brock Township and surrounding areas living in the community.  The program uses a distributed professional team model including a Nurse Practitioner and RPN/OTN Coordinator who access geriatric consultation services and expertise through the use of video conferencing technology (Ontario Telemedicine Network).  The program is located to 720 Simcoe Street in Beaverton.

The Primary Health Care Program (PHCP) began operation in Cannington in September 2009.  It consists of a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners and allied professionals.  The team addresses the primary health care needs of the residents of Brock Township and surrounding areas, many of whom do not have primary health care providers or travel excessively long distances to access the services they require.  Services are available Monday to Friday with extended hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  The program is located at 64 Cameron St. E. in Cannington.

The Brock Nurse Practitioner Program (BNPP) began in February 2016 with a Nurse Practitioner practising in collaboration with Dr. Gerald Laudanski at Beaverton Thorah Health Centre, 468 Main St. in Beaverton to provide primary health care services to residents.  A second Nurse Practitioner may be joining this new program in the near future.

Funding for Brock CHC’s programs and services is provided by the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).

Brock CHC is currently involved in a capital project which will result in construction of a new building to be situated at 39 Cameron St. W. in Cannington.  Funding for this project is provided by the MOHLTC’s Health Capital Investment Branch.  The approximate 20,000 sq. ft. facility will allow Brock CHC’s programs and services to operate from a consolidated, state of the art facility.  The capital project is at Stage 3.2 and is expected to be completed in two years.

Brock CHC also has received project funding for collaborative projects such as: Brock Physical Activity Network, funded by The Ontario Trillium Foundation; SERA OTF Collaborative, funded by The Ontario Trillium Foundation; and Drumming For Health, funded by a New Horizons for Seniors.

Clients are encouraged to take full advantage of all programs and services offered by the organization.  For example, clients and their family members who are receiving services from the Primary Health Care Program or the Diabetes Education Program may also take advantage of services focusing on physical activities, community health and wellness, priority populations, and more.  For a listing of services available, see Brock CHC’s “Monthly Program/Activity Schedule”.