Brock CHC Capital Project

In December 2013, Brock CHC completed the requirements for the Capital Project Stage 2 Functional Program Submission for the organization’s new building to be constructed in Cannington in the next two to three years.  The submission was transmitted to the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) and to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).  The submission was completed in compliance with the MOHLTC-LHIN Joint Review Framework for Early Capital Planning Stages requirements.

Brock CHC’s Stage 2 Functional Program Submission was prepared in collaboration with the project’s principal consultant, Lett Architects Inc.   The cost consultants for the project are CRSP and the infection prevention and control consultants are IPAC Consulting.

In 2008, Brock CHC received MOHLTC approval for the planning stages of a capital project including approval to purchase land for the future new building for the organization’s programs and services.  Land at 39 Cameron St. W. in Cannington was purchased by Brock CHC in August 2008.  MOHLTC approval was received to demolish the building and complete the necessary remediation.  This phase of the capital project was completed in fall 2011.

In September 2011, the MOHLTC confirmed that the Stage 1 Proposal stage of the Brock CHC Capital Project was complete.  At the same time, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care provided approval to proceed to Stage 2 and the MOHLTC confirmed that a capital grant of up to $10,703,300 was available for the project.

Based on the Stage 2 Program Submission, the expected size of the new Brock CHC building will be approximately 20,000 sq. ft. with projected cost of $7.2 m.  The estimated completion date is 2016/17.

Once Stage 2 is approved, the project will proceed to Stage 3 (preliminary design development), followed by Stage 4 (working drawings, contract documentation, tenders, cost estimates), and Stage 5 (construction, commissioning, substantial completion, occupancy).  MOHLTC approval is required at each stage.