Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Following a period of organizational growth and approaching the end of the term of our first strategic plan, Brock Community Health Centre (Brock CHC) began a renewed strategic planning process during spring 2016.  It was, and remains, our goal to ensure that the services offered at Brock CHC and the strong partnerships and community relationships we have built will continue to flourish as we respond to community needs.

Throughout the planning period, four strategic directions were defined for the organization:

  1. Improved Access to Excellent Rural Primary Care
  2. Sustainable Organizational Systems
  3. Strengthened Partnerships and Collaborations
  4. Enhanced Communications Capacity and Practice

These are overaching themes, which are broad and oriented toward the future.  Each strategic direction is expressed in greater detail through a series of related commitments and actions.

We are proud of our progress to date and excited about the future of community health care in Brock Township, and our continuing role in improving access to health services for local residents.  We thank our community partners, staff, and everyone that took the time to contribute their ideas during the strategic planning process.

Brock CHC Strategic Plan Summary 2016-2019

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